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Chinese Medicine is first and foremost a cosmology, and then an application. This is hard to pass along to students in our modern classrooms for a number of reasons.  Some of the difficulty is in the translation of information across time, culture, language, etc.  Further challenges come in the formatting of the modern classroom, and in the business of teaching and learning.  These are not easy problems to solve, yet a question remains in how can we effectively teach the applications of Chinese Medicine before we have a thorough grounding in the cosmology?
Historically, Chinese Medicine envelops the health and wellness applications, the essential cosmology and understandings of a worldview dating back thousands of years.  This worldview, this cosmology, is summarized and elucidated in a major text called the Yi Jing or The Book of Changes. In this book, which may date as far back as the 12th century BC, the varied energies of the unified field are disclosed and methods to understand their infinite permutations are discussed.  The Yi Jing explained the formation of the universe and the relationship of humanity to the greater environment, within the symphonic orbits of the sun, moon, and countless stars that make up the effecting universe. It stands to this day as the most comprehensive system of abstract astrology. The difficulty is in the transmission, the how-to's.  How-to instruct, in a modern classroom, the inherent cosmology of the Yi Jing so we can effectively use the applications? How do we relate its wisdom to our modern times?
In 2013, a friend (Shihan John Cole, https://projectorcollective.com) introduced me to a modern system of astrology called Human Design.  The Human Design system is deeply rooted in the Yi Jing.  It incorporates a visual energetic framework comprised of a network of related channels and centers.   It presents this framework into the changing landscape of the unified field, mediated through the metaphors of the hexagrams.  It quickly became apparent that the two systems of Chinese Medicine and Human Design could find increased application through integrating their information.  Chinese Medicine provides a valuable regulatory toolset, but suffers in our modern times from poor cosmological transmission and integration at the provider level.  Human Design provides a valuable visual matrix to relatively objectify the ever changing landscape of the unified field and all the varied forms that comprise it. This relative objectivity is a great boon for providers of Chinese Medicine as it allows for discourse, study and research, outside of the provider/client point of view.
The first question was could the two systems be integrated?  To attempt an answer we developed a model to experiment with clinically and in 2015 set about to its application in our daily clinical encounters.  After using the model with thousands of clients and seeing the results across more than ten thousand treatments we concluded that it might have some greater merit to our worldwide community of CM providers.  
In the summer of 2017, I gathered a small group of students and formed an alpha group to see if the information could be transmitted to other providers. The essential question: could the technique be transmitted to someone else?  Following this, would anyone else find any personal resonance and furthermore could they apply it clinically and to effective application?  The experiment with the alpha group was initially and continues to be largely successful. As the alpha group learns the material they continue to express and validate the perspective, they can see its relevance and applicability in their own lives and in their own health and wellness. This is as it should be.  The first step with this material is local or personal application.  The second step is its application into our clinical encounters. Before we can apply it, we first must see it actively in our own lives and endeavors.  The cosmology must inform us directly, it must move from a concept that we play with into a reality that we live into. After we can personally relate to it, we can then reach outwardly and practice its application in our clinical encounters.  
Thus, starting in the summer of 2018, and building on the success of the alpha group, SEE.School is moving into open beta.  This will allow for a much larger group to interact and experiment with the material and tools. As our group grows we will find greater opportunity to learn and to stress the system.  As a group we will redefine and correct the aspects that aren't working and that need to be adapted.
We are the experiment. We are researching our selves, our process, and our points of view.  We are choosing to look directly into the nature of being, into the forces that condition our lives and experiences.  May we find the Light we seek.
In sincerity, love, and truth we welcome you to the conversation.
Dr. J.S. Phillips DAOM, L.Ac.
Founder and Director
Dr. Phillips CV can be found here.

SEE is an acronym for the Science of Effective Energies.  As a science we endeavor to study, through experiment and research, some available portion of the energies that effect and ultimately create the universe within which we move...

The curriculum and learning tools are in an experiment in whether a cosmology and subsequent clinical application can be taught to others for the betterment and general enhancement of the providers of Chinese Medicine...

Admissions into the school is open to all licensed providers of Chinese Medicine worldwide, and doctoral students who have completed or near to completing their Masters in Chinese Medicine...