As of summer 2018 SEE.School is in open beta.  This means admissions into the school is open to all licensed providers of Chinese Medicine worldwide, and doctoral students who have completed or near to completing their Masters in Chinese Medicine.  Please fill out our admissions form and submit it to along with a copy of either your Masters level diploma or your state medical license.  

Open beta will run for as long as is necessary to fulfill the goals of curriculum refinement and instructional methodology.  

Costs and Fees

Fees for training are subscription based.  All materials needed for cycle modules are provided at no charge to students, this includes readings, writings, papers, books, research, transcripts generated from live classes, MP3s, etc.  Your monthly subscription also provides the necessary resources to generate, moderate, and maintain the forums section of the school.

While we are still in open beta, monthly subscriptions are set at $20/mo.  After beta is over subscriptions will be set at $50/mo.  All students who start during beta will keep their beta subscription price of $20/mo for life or until such time as they cancel their membership or the school closes.  If a beta student cancels and comes back after beta is completed, membership subscription will be charged at the current subscription price.


The first step to enroll is to download and complete the admissions form, and submit it along with the required documents.